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Who we are


 Mariachi Internacional San Diego is a dynamic and vibrant ensemble of young, dedicated musicians, steeped in the rich cultural heritage of both San Diego and Tijuana. Founded by individuals who grew up within these communities, our ensemble is a testament to the power of music to transcend borders and bring people together. Rooted in the Sweetwater and San Diego Unified School Districts, our members share a common passion for music, an unyielding commitment to excellence, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of the arts in education.


At Mariachi Internacional San Diego, we embrace three core values that guide our musical journey: cultural heritage, musical excellence, and advocacy for arts in education. We take pride in representing the diverse musical tapestry of Mexico, sharing its rhythms, melodies, and emotions with audiences far and wide. Our commitment to musical excellence drives us to continually refine our craft and deliver performances that resonate deeply with listeners. Moreover, as advocates for arts in education, many of our members are educators themselves, dedicating their lives to nurturing the talents of the next generation. Our mariachi ensemble is more than just a musical group; it's a medium for cultural exchange and community engagement. We aspire to kindle a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich traditions of Mexico through our music. As educators, we recognize the profound impact of music on young minds and are dedicated to furthering its place in education. We aim to foster a love for music that extends beyond the stage and into the hearts of those we touch. 

One of our foremost priorities is to bring our music to the communities that have shaped us. With great pride, we've had the privilege of performing for esteemed organizations such as the San Diego Padres at Petco Park, the local Ballet Folclorico Jalisciense, the San Diego Loyal, San Diego Legion, San Diego Gulls, All-For-Logan Non-Profit,the Chicano Park Museum, The Front Arte & Cultura, and Casa Familiar among many others. We cherish every opportunity to share our music with our fellow community members, celebrating the cultural tapestry that binds us all. We aspire to one day travel and share our music with people around the world. 

Looking ahead, Mariachi Internacional San Diego eagerly anticipates the exciting experiences and connections that await us. We're all about celebrating culture, embracing musical excellence, and connecting with our community through the joy of our music. 

- Eduardo Ruiz Tostado

Musical Director

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